March 25, 2018

Words are so powerful, you can easily recognise how someone is feeling just by listening to their speech. There is evidence that words can have a positive or negative effect on our well-being and the functionality of our brain, hence why I use mantras in my every day life.

Mantras are words of power that have a specific vibration to help you in different areas of your life from love and friendship, gratitude and success, to happiness and anything you need to change in order to have a better life. I find that they lift my spirits and help me to stay positive and motivated. I write them; I visualise them; I repeat them and also wear them.

Mantra Jewellery is a lovely brand of meaningful jewellery focusing on how a piece of jewellery makes you feel, rather than how it looks. Still, I find the collection very beautiful and easy to wear. Below is a selection of my favourite pieces that I love to wear.

Karma Jewellery -

Karma Jewellery - “I am fearless and therefore powerful”

Karma Jewellery -

Karma Jewellery -

“All things are possible if you believe”

Karma Jewellery -

Karma Jewellery -

Leo –  Kind. Generous. Creative


Remind yourself that every word that is spoken creates your reality. You can shop all of the collection here.

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