Hi, I am Melanie. A part-time holistic therapist, a part-time blogger and a full-time interior design obsessive. I was born and raised in France but now live in the UK; I am a strong believer that the most beautiful things in life are worth waiting for; I love travelling to new places but will never tire of London; picking a favourite colour is practically impossible; my two children are my world; my blog is my happy place and I hope it becomes one of yours too!

I’ve always had a love affair with beautiful designs of all forms and what was supposed to be simply a pastime became like an obsession (you know, something you can’t stop thinking about). So the last two years have been really about exploring this new path with the purpose to open my world to new possibilities. I went on to study floral design, events and interior styling which led to this little blog. I post everything and anything I fall in love with, from exciting home inspirations, beauty tips, stylish wedding ideas and fabulous clothes to impractical shoes. My style is best described as sophisticated with a swanky twist and you can see more of it on my Pinterest. In my everyday life, I love helping people feel good about themselves, putting things together and creating a little bit of fabulous for them. If you need some styling advice, maybe for a room to be styled, a product to be sourced I am your girl.
melanie xx